Group Logistics Portal
Welcome to Group Logistics Portal - the only logistics platform that can help your business improve efficiency and revenue.

Group Logistics Portal enables you to see a Dealer Group’s vehicle movements in one place.

The Dealer Group has decided to invite you into their logistics network on Group Logistics Portal because of the service level that you currently supply to them.

In the world of logistics we know dealers within a division rarely talk to each other and never talk to dealers in other divisions!

GLP will do this on their behalf and enable you to have the very best opportunity to join up all their jobs.

Once you have registered, Group Logistics Portal will require you to agree to a transparent cost matrix and sign a Service Level Agreement between all parties.

Driver & Logistics Registration
If you have been invited into a dealer groups network then Group Logistics Portal will have issued you with a group code. Please enter the supplied code into the box to register for their network.


Once you have registered a member of the GLP team will contact you.
Benefits of using Group Logistics Portal

All Dealer Group’s movements in one place
Group Logistics Portal is NOT an auction
The best opportunity to join up jobs
Pre-agreed cost matrix
Potential to access other dealer groups networks
Full online transaction
Low transaction fees